What’s this you ask.

This is my blog. College is a fabulous places where I meet many wonderful people and completely disagree with a great deal of their opinions. In order to have friends and be nice I try not to shove my opinions into someone’s ear in the hopes of reaching a brain. However, I’m not making anyone read this blog. So here I feel free to rub my opinion in faces. Insert disclaimer about how these are my opinions; they are not necessarily correct, logical, or even subject to the laws of physics. I need to rant upon the world. Not always about important things. That’s not the point.

Here’s some things I may rant about:

Free the dang leash children. Do not put your children on a leash. That’s awful. Don’t do it. I may run around Disney Worlds with scissors some day (yeah that’s right, I’m cool, I run with scissors) and free all children in sight.

Kettle corn and popcorn are not the same thing. Stop lying to me and telling me you have popcorn then feeding me kettle corn (yes China I’m talking to you).

Bella Swan in no way resembles a positive role model. Buffy the Vampire Slayer had better morals and a hotter boyfriend.

Also, you know what sucks? Hunger, slavery, and classes that start before 9 a.m. Someone needs to fix these things, but first people need to care.

Basically this is part of my caring. I care about this world enough to tell it about all of it’s problems. It’s like how my mom used to point out my outfit didn’t match in the morning. Super annoying, but thank goodness someone told me I look ridiculous.


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