Why I would probably jump off a cliff if my friends did.

Sometimes I do things because my friends are doing those things. I’m not sure why people find this to be such an awful idea. The saying, “would you jump off a cliff if all of your friends were?” makes no sense to me. Of course I would. If my friends were jumping off cliffs there’s probably a giant trampoline at the bottom. Or we have jet packs. Some of my friends are pretty smart. Who the heck are your friends? Bella Swan? Don’t follow her off a cliff. Self-endangerment is not the best method to attract men/women/the undead*. I’d sooner advise using Snooki as a role model and dress like a slut.

            Some examples of stuff I do because my friends do: make pasta, go out to eat, bowl, finish my homework, watch Pretty Little Liars, or read stuff they like on Facebook. None of these are bad things. I’m concerned about people’s ability to wisely pick friends. If you don’t like the things your friends do, maybe you should get some new friends. I hear Facebook is a great place to find them. Feel free to add me as a friend, though I don’t promise to be a good influence.

Best of luck,


*Upon reflection, self endangerment may be a great way to attract the undead. Like slit your throat and vampires would probably flock to you. This is still a bad plan because most vampires aren’t hot. Edward is not attractive. You’re confused by the media. Google Paul Walker, Brad Pitt, or Shemar Moore. You’re welcome. 


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