Sometimes I’m too cool. Or not.

So I’ll admit there are a few things I’m too cool for (ending a sentence with a preposition isn’t one of them). The best example I can think of right now is Crocs.* However, everyone is too cool for Crocs. I don’t care if they are the most comfortable shoes in existence. Don’t wear them. Just don’t do it. Something I’m not too cool for is making plans.

When did it become cool to not make plans? In my life, this phenomenon started in high school.  This didn’t mean people didn’t have plans, because having plans was a necessary part of being cool. But making them. Not acceptable.

I hate having plans without making plans. That means constantly being ready. What a pain.  It also means waiting or not being ready on time. Not a fan of either.  Here’s what usually happens when I wait for someone. I start reading a book. Said book gets super interesting. Then whomever I was waiting on arrives. At this point, I don’t necessarily want to hang out with them anymore. I’m resentful at the interruption to my reading. What can I say; I pick out pretty good books.

I’m not a doctor. I refuse to be on call. When some stupid boy says “Hey gurl, let’s hang out tonight.” What does that mean? I think tonight starts after dinner. Other people start tonight at 11 p.m. or later. That’s pretty much a prearranged booty call. If you’re going to booty call me, pick up the dang phone. If you just want to hang out and it’s not starting until 11 p.m. I’d probably rather be asleep.

Maybe I’m just not very cool. I do watch nerdy TV shows and read a lot of books. I even go to class and stay awake most of the time. But as an uncool person, I’m over not making plans. I like set times of doing something. This seems strange because I have a general fear of commitment. However, making plans at a specific time is way less of a commitment than vague plans. Vague plans often get put off and become this permanent quasi commitment that leaves you stuck pretending you still want to hang out with someone who you probably weren’t super interested in hanging out with in the first place.

Save yourself a lot of worry and if you’re not willing to commit to a time to hang out with someone just don’t hang out with them. If that’s too difficult, fine. But please, please, don’t wear Crocs. This Public Broadcasting Message brought to you by Caitlin.

Best of Luck!


*Sorry mom.


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