Kiss & Tell

          I have to give credit to the inspiration for this blog post to a post on Thought Catalog entry called “Can You Remember Every Person You’ve Ever Kissed?Image

           As someone who likes lists and challenges, I attempted the task. Turns out, I’ve kissed a decent amount of people. In the interests of protecting the innocent I’m not going to share my list. It really wouldn’t be fair. A lady never kisses and tells and whatnot. Though with the digital age it might be smart to start signing confidentiality agreements before kissing people. Everything seems to be fair game. I just envisioned a rate my professor style website only for the purpose of rating kissers. Wouldn’t that be terrifying? The hotness ratings on professors are already creepy enough. Hopefully life never gets to that point of over sharing.

            However, I can share my number without comprising anyone’s identity. According to my best attempts at recollection I’ve kissed 19 people. Does that seem like a lot? I couldn’t really decide. I did some Internet creeping and found people with much lower and much higher numbers. According to ChaCha the average woman kisses 29 men before she gets married. Considering I’m only 20 and don’t want to get married anytime soon, that number seems rather low.

            There really aren’t a lot of good studies done on kissing numbers. A lot of information exists on sexual partners, but that’s no help with this blog post. How am I supposed to know what’s normal without statistics to guide me? Clearly the media is the next best place to look.

            The media turns out to be full of extremes as well. I’ve kissed a lot more people than Drew Barrymore’s character in Never Been Kissed, but significantly less than Neil Patrick Harris’s character on “How I Met Your Mother.” I don’t really want to compare myself to the casts of Jersey Shore or the characters on Gossip Girl. The media tends to adore the extremes and glorify people who kiss lots or people who kiss only a little. IT appears a consensus on the socially acceptable amount of people to kiss is lacking.

            I guess in the end there is no right number. There are just numbers. Kissing should be two people going “oh hey, I like you in a way that makes me want to high five with our faces.” Different people feel that way different amounts of time through out their life. I’m certainly not going to start judging. It’s rather fun to reflect on all of the sweet, awkward, funny, and loving kissing moments in my life. I don’t know if my number is normal or not, but I do know for at least one moment in time I liked each and every person I’ve kissed. In the end, that’s enough for me.

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