Pocket giraffes and volunteering

Sometimes life doesn’t give you lemons, on Saturday it gave me a pocket giraffe. This Saturday I participated in Ball State University’s Dance Marathon. We raised over $89,000 dollars for Riley’s Children Hospital. Pretty awesome, huh? Yeah it was. Plus I got this really cute giraffe who fits in my coat pocket and is thus a pocket giraffe. I haven’t decided what to name him yet, but people get like nine months to come up with baby names and this is way cuter than some baby so I can take more time. Sounds fair, right? Anyways the brief point my giraffe and I want to make is that volunteering is cool and results in awesome things like giraffes. So you should volunteer. Do it. It’s fun and you’ll meet awesome people. I promise. If I’m wrong you can write me an angry letter.

Best Wishes,



2 thoughts on “Pocket giraffes and volunteering

  1. Hello!! I just found this blog! Thank you for volunteering! My youngest two children are Riley children. My 7 year old has been going to Riley every few months since she was 4 months old! My youngest child spent her whole life in Riley before passing away. So thank you so much

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