The stranger rule, or how to have minimum standards safely…Sort of

While we were in Canada, my friends and I had a conversation about picking up/hitting on strangers. This brought up my strange rule. It’s a great way to figure out if it’s wise* to hit on/pick up/whisper about a stranger. It’s the two stranges and you’re out rule, or three stranges rule depending on the level of desperation involved.

Here are some examples of stranges: stranger, strange place, strange substance, strange outfit, strange weapons, strange fetishes, strange behavior, or strange ideas.

Okay let’s look at some scenarios. I’m going to assume you’re desperate because you’re on the Internet and (probably) not currently in the process of picking up/hitting on someone. So three strikes you’re out rules apply.

1. Abbey is at a party and meets Joe. Joe is wearing a trench coat, carrying a machete, and belongs to a religious cult that worships potatoes. That is three strange strikes. I have nothing against potatoes, but come on.

2. Now Abbey is in a foreign country and on acid and meets a stranger. That’s also three strikes. Abbey is just not getting very lucky.

3. Abbey is in her town, with friends and meets a stranger who dresses normal and doesn’t worship inanimate objects. This is prime flirting material and passes the strange dating laws.

It’s really pretty simple. Most children learn stranger danger. This is strangeness danger which is much more effective. People are more likely to be hurt by someone they know. That’s why people you know can still disqualify under the strange policy. If you know Jeffrey Dahmer and are in your hometown, you still don’t date him because he has strange ideas, strange weapons, and strange fetishes.

This isn’t meant to hate on individuality. Exceptions exist, but at your own risk. Well, everything is at your own risk. I probably would be blocked by my own strange rule at times. That’s okay. The rule basically means get to know people. That way they become not strange… or more strange. Depends on the person. This really isn’t very good advice. You should watch some movies and learn how to have healthy successful interactions with your gender of attraction. I like Easy A.

Best of luck!


*It’s probably never wise to pick up strangers. I’m in no way guaranteeing your safety by using this rule. If you want guaranteed safety learn intense martial arts and then become bullet proof.


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