I just attended the closing dinner and awards ceremony for WUDC Berlin 2013! The event required a lot of well deserved clapping for those involved in the tournament and debaters who did well. I really appreciated that everyone clapped and stood for those who were first place in each category no matter what the student’s country of origin. It’s competitive but a truly friendly environment at the end of the day.

I loved the city and the people so it’s bittersweet to say goodbye. I’m pretty sure I haven’t gotten this little sleep since finals week but I’ve enjoyed missing sleep for this a lot more than I did during finals. I’m honored to have represented Ball State at World’s. I met a lot of great people. Many of them hadn’t heard of Ball State or even Indiana at points. There was a lot of referencing Chicago to explain where we came from, butI think we made positive impressions in the end.

I know a lot of people made positive impressions on me. I have a few extra couches available to crash on if I ever get to explore the world and a great list of recommended places to go.  A special shout out to my friend Russel from Brandeis. He helped us feel less like a team attending World’s for the first time and eventually clued us in on the American section. I think the people really make the tournament and that’s part of why there are socials every night. It’s worth it to meet so many intelligent, fascinating, and opinionated people.

I’ve travelled a few times by now and leaving never gets easier. I miss my friends in Muncie so I’m excited to see them but it’s still hard to leave Berlin. Home is nice but travel is great too. It’s easier to feel enthused to go home knowing that I will travel again. I found this message on the Berlin wall that really encompasses how I feel about travel. Home is not behind you, the world is ahead. I’m ready to recharge at home but I’ll definitely be seeing more of the world again soon. Especially considering how awesome this experience was.

I wish you the world and appreciate your following our journey,




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