In Case Of

In one of my high school classes that was supposed to prepare me for the “real world,” I was given the documentation for creating a living will. For anyone with a different education than my own, a living will is basically a document that declares a person’s wishes regarding life prolonging medical treatment. It was a rather macabre idea and always stuck with me. I was reminded of the idea again during a particularly moving episode of a TV show I’m watching that I’m too embarrassed to name (Grey’s Anatomy). My main problem with a living will is that it doesn’t cover enough situations. There are many scenarios I’m more concerned about than needing prolonged medical treatment. I’d like to make my own living will so that everyone knows what I want in any given situation. I call it the In Case Of Will. 

In Case of Secrets

If you are a spy and you can’t tell me because it would endanger my life, I would want you to keep the secret. I would also want cool gifts from all of the places you go. You’re a spy, you can figure it out.

On a different hand, if you have magical abilities and don’t tell me I will never forgive you. Ever. 

In Case of an Ugly Outfit

If I’m wearing something that looks ridiculous, tell me. This also applies to having food in my teeth. This rule has one exception. Do not tell me I look ugly in an outfit when I don’t have any possible opportunity to change. That’s just plain cruel. 

In Case of Not Being Human

I believe in equality. I will still be your friend if you’re a vampire, werewolf, zombie, or ghost. I will not be your friend if you transform into any sort of bug. 

If I turn into any sort of nonhuman I want to embrace it. Do not kill me to save my soul. Thanks.

In Case Of Evil Masterminds

If you’re a superhero who cares about me and I’m being used by an evil super villain to create a moral dilemma then this is what I want you to do. Ideally be super awesome and save me and the bus full of children. When that isn’t possible, please do not save me and let cute humans die. I’m also not all about the self-sacrifice. In a Batmanish situation (old spoiler alert) when it’s me or Harvey Dent I cede the decision.  

In Case of Anything Else

Think what would Buffy the Vampire Slayer and/or Hermione Granger want. That gives plenty of episodes/graphic novels/books for reference. 


It isn’t always easy to know what to do.

Do your loved ones know what to do in case of all of these situations? Probably not. I have yet to copyright my idea so take it while you can and make your own In Case Of Will today. 

Best Wishes,



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