Caitlin – the Cliffs Notes

I believe in people, words, and books. I love learning. I studied Criminal Justice at Ball State University. I think most problems can be solved with chocolate ice cream and a hug. Scientifically we’re all made up of atoms, but effectively everyone is just a million stories. Big ones and small ones. Happy ones and sad ones. We are epic sagas happening and waiting to happen.

That’s me in word form. Enough about me. I bet you’re interesting. Who are you? I’d love to hear your story.

Let’s be friends,



3 thoughts on “Caitlin – the Cliffs Notes

  1. Well, with the same name as me, you have a great name! I like the bit about being figuratively blond….I was blond for 20 years until December when I said the hell with it and went red. After the initial shock, I love it. Not sure what “figuratively” red means, but it’s working.

    • I’m glad we both spell it right 🙂 haha I’m glad the figuratively blonde makes sense. I’d go with figuratively red meaning something about gumption and fire. I tried the red route once, but I didn’t do a very good job of box dying and resembled a stop sign.

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