Return of the Blogger

Since I disappeared from the blogging habit for a bit, I’d like to provide a brief glimpse into why I’m coming back to blogging. I started blogging while I was in college, it was useful for chronicling experiences and reflecting on the different ideas I was discovering. Then I graduated and stopped learning new ideas so it seemed pretty pointless.

Kidding! In reality, or at least my reality, I found the whole transition to the real world more trying than anticipated, and definitely trying in unanticipated ways, so the blog fell to the wayside or maybe it was under the couch (I’m not a very neat person). It managed to go way down on my priority list, which I definitely feel was a mistake because I truly enjoyed the creative outlet and the blogging community. I’d considered coming back before, but it seemed so awkward. Like when you haven’t called a friend for a while and know you should, but the longer it takes you the more strange that initial call will feel. It reminds me of this scene from Sherlock.

Sherlock: giving social cues for awkward people

Me after not talking to someone for an awkward period of time.

However, I’ve decided to suck up the awkwardness and return to blogging. I’m going to participate in the Blogging 101 course in the hope it’ll give me some good ideas and get me back on my feet. Right now I’m a bit more on my butt. I almost wrote “on my knees,” but I know how perverted the internet likes to act.

I’m not entirely positive what my blog topics will be. Probably posts inspired by my life or the lives of fictional characters (I read a lot…I also watch TV a lot, but I don’t brag about that as much). I’m currently working a real life full-time job where I assist a police department’s domestic violence unit. Sometimes life gets a bit jaded and gloomy, so I’m really excited for the creative outlet I hope blogging will provide. I have two cats, a couch, and some vegetables in my fridge. My life is semi-together. I’ll most likely write about what my friends and I like to call adulting. It’s something I’m working on. I also like nerd culture and incorporating an insane amount of TV references and images I find on Pinterest into my blogs. If you stick around, maybe we can see what crazy writing I get up to together. I’m looking forward to rejoining this lovely blogging community.

Best wishes,




An experiment with projective poetry that I started for my creative writing class. Inspired by the work of Robert Creeley.

Rocks indent

my skin, I heard

a train sound to

the night, goosebumps on flesh,

you say you like

it, I know.

Flesh keeps

no secrets.

I remember how

naked I felt, my clothes

in place, except the black

thong around my

ankle, stuck on my

heels, out of

place in the rocks.

This is a picnic,

under the optimistic stars.

The dark of summer night,

not deep

enough to shroud us,

looming deeper with time.

A red bra strap

peeks from my t-shirt,

seeing myself in squares,

small sections,

the mirror of a sun-visor.

The radio,

singing of love,

a hand reaches

out for a safe

harbour. It

finds nowhere

to anchor.

What’s the Point… of View

Let me preface this post by admitting it isn’t my usual thing. I’m working on a project for a Creative Writing class I’m currently taking and wanted to poll the internet realm on a question. I’ve been doing a lot of reading on point of view and what’s popular, easiest, “best, etc. I started a piece using third person editorial omniscient. Then I read numerous articles saying readers today dislike omniscient narrators because they desire a more personal connection with characters. I’ve enjoyed a few books with omniscient narrators and was wondering if I’m just abnormal. What are your favorite points of view to read and/or write? If you’ve got time I included that beginning of my work in progress and would love feedback on feelings about the point of view or any feedback in general.

Thanks internet!


Judgment by Chance

            Every city had a Reader. Every Reader hated books. This has been true since as long as anyone’s oldest relative could remember remembering. The idea’s birthplace remains a mystery. Nobody who is willing to share knows who created the magic of Readers, it just was. Sort of like gravity, except a surprising amount of people decide to challenge gravity by jumping off roofs and the likes, whereas Readers were more universally accepted. This made them the main authority of the land and was generally considered an improvement to the time before readers by those categorized as the little people. The less little people preferred the old system of “Might is Right” but they were outnumbered and smart enough, for the most part, to keep their mouths shut.

Knowing all of this, Chance was less than thrilled when a letter from the University bearing the Reader crest of two books on a scale arrived on his doorstep. During the seconds it took to crack open the letter’s red wax seal, Chance had already envisioned a multitude of ways this could end in unpleasant death. Chance possessed what his mother kindly termed an overeager imagination. Where normal people saw shadows, Chance saw dark garbed assassins.  Having no enemies who would possibly want to assassinate him, he recognized his own paranoia. Chance grimly reassured himself; Readers had been assassinated in the past so maybe his paranoia would prove valid.

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