Canada, eh? I’m in Toronto!

It’s my Spring Break, yay! I love breaks and spring so I’m quite glad about it being Spring Break. Unlike smart people who go south, I went north so I’m in Canada with three lovely friends from school. We’re staying in an apartment above a Chinese furniture store in the Chinese district of Toronto, Canada. This place we’re staying in isn’t exactly a palace, but I love it. I love being in the city. So many noises, people, and food!

I think this is a pretty general feeling, I suck at choices, but I love options. Cities are full of options. So many choices! Veggie food is everywhere (p.s. I’m a vegetarian which I plan to post about sometime but haven’t yet), Chinese food, Thai food, Italian food, Vietnamese food, bubble tea (this is totally a whole classification of food), Filipino food, and other delicious noms.

Just like lots of food, there are lots of people. It’s just great seeing different people everywhere. So many cute shoes. Aside from my shallow love of shoes, Toronto just seems super chill. Cute old ladies, heavily tattooed men, and couples with adorable children in strollers are everywhere. I just want to hug all of the people. I don’t think this is how everyone feels in cities, but I do. I just want to hug everyone. Don’t worry, I don’t actually do that. Maybe I should try it. Or not, people would think I’m crazy.

I don’t have internet here right now and am on my friend Chad’s computer. Thanks Chad! I just didn’t want to fall of the phase of the Earth. Later I’ll make some posts with activities, stories, and lovely (silly/ridiculous/fun) photos. I just wanted to share my love of cities tonight. I enjoy them a lot. They get lots of hate and this is my unhate. I hope everyone else on Spring Break is having fun and if you’re not on Spring Break I’m sorry. I’ll try to have enough fun for the both of us. I’ll hug a stranger for you!

Best of luck,


P.S. I added some pics from the trip. All of the images are from places we visited in Toronto including the ROM and the Zoo (featuring an adorable baby polar bear).


My break-up letter to school

     Dear School, 

     I think it’s time we start seeing other people. I know it’s midterms week and our half semester anniversary, but you’re turning into a needy, bitch. There I said it. Sorry for being so harsh. Don’t worry, it’s not you, it’s me. I’ve just got other priorities right now. There are so many other fish in the sea like sleep, friends, and extra-curricular activities. Sleep and I have been flirting a lot, I can’t keep napping behind your back. I’m young and I need to experience life. No, I won’t come around with time.

     Okay, I lied up there. It’s mostly you. Honestly, you’re a little old for me. You’ve been around for quite awhile. Plus you never take me out anymore. What happened to field trips and science experiments? We’ve become complacent and boring like an old married couple. Spring is coming and I need a break. I’m going to Toronto next week and I don’t want you to follow me. I won’t have cell service so don’t try and call. This is for the best.

Hopefully we can still be friends,