The obligatory Valentine’s Day post about love

I don’t want to be a jaded cynical cat lady. So I decided to use Valentine’s Day to reflect on all of the reasons I’ve loved people. Not just relationship love, all kinds of love. Silly love, serious love, senseless love, fleeting love, creepy love. It’s all here baby. Hope you enjoy.

People I Love

            People who hold open the door for me. People who make small talk in elevators. People who jump in elevators because it’s silly but fun. People who like the same shows/books/movies as me. People who sing in public. People who dance like no one is watching. People who shake what their momma gave them. People who partner with me in games that I’m not good at. People who don’t get mad when I get mad that they messed up my hair. People who wear bright clothes. People who look cute for no reason. People with funny laughs. People with funny sneezes. People who tell knock-knock jokes. People who wish on shooting stars. People who wish at 11:11. People who speak foreign languages. People who share snacks. People who point out when I have food in my teeth. People who still have stuffed animals. People who are optimistic. People with dimples. People with pretty shoes. People with fun colored hair. People with accents. People who smile when I awkwardly make eye contact while walking down the street. People who are really excited about something. People wearing mismatching socks. People with puppies or kittens. People who laugh at the number 69. People who laugh when other people eat bananas. People who open bananas for me because I can’t. People who play peek-a-boo. People with funny slogans on their t-shirts. People who do the hokey-pokey. People who are ticklish. People who make funny faces in pictures. People who don’t like foods that I do like and then let me eat that food. People who kiss on the cheek and on the neck. People who reach things off of shelves for me. People who dance on tables. People who smell nice. People who tell me I smell nice. People who suggest good music for me to check out. People who check me out. People I check out. People who wave enthusiastically. People who make yummy food. People who volunteer. People who answer questions in class. People who sit in front of me in class and look up funny things. People with cool ringtones. People who use proper grammar on Facebook. People who inspire me to do good things. People who inspire me to do bad things. People who inspire me. People who share the covers. People who use big words correctly. People who are good tippers. People who hold my hand during scary movies. People who hold hands. People who sing loudly in the car. People who blush easily. People who make me blush. People who kill spiders for me. People who give really great hugs. People who raise a pinky while drinking tea. People who tell nerdy jokes. People who tell dirty, nerdy jokes. People who say “that’s what she said” at the opportune moment. People who enjoy playing with bubble wrap. People who color outside the lines. People who still color. People who eat peanut butter straight from the jar. People who make tent forts. People who dance in their underwear. People who put lots of marshmallows in hot chocolate. People who talk to inanimate objects. People who eat ice cream straight from the tub. People who take bubble baths. People who wish Hogwarts was real. People who shave when kissing gets itchy. People who send flirty text messages. People who reference insides jokes I’m in on. People who let me in on an inside joke. People who dance in the rain with me. People who jump in puddles. People who wear scarves to hide hickeys. People who read my blog posts. People who rock freckles. People who are nice. People who are silly. People who wear bowties. People who scare away my hiccoughs. People who play board games. People who promptly respond to text messages. People who text me good morning. People who text me good night. People who think getting drunk off wine is classy. People who read comic books. People who reenact silly scenes from movies like kissing upside down in Spiderman. People who wear polka dots. People who French kiss really well. People who are French and French kiss really well. People who are sappy. People who are wild. People who are free. People who like picnics. People who enjoy nature. People who make mistakes and carry on. People who don’t mind leaning down to kiss me. People who jump on beds. People who post funny things on Facebook. People who say exactly what I was thinking and though they may never know make me feel less alone in this giant world. People who make me believe in love in all of its glorious messy chaos. Thank You! For that I’ll always love you.

Best wishes,



No I will not inbox you a number…unless the world is ending

I’m not going to hate on Valentine’s Day. I’m pretty indifferent to its existence. The dumb posts on Facebook asking friends to inbox you a number on the other hand are super annoying. It makes me want to create a punch enhancement to the poke feature. If you’re going to request I inbox you, it should be about something important. If I liked you, I’d hit on you in person. Or poke you like a normal human being. If you’re too shy to message me without the excuse of Valentine’s Day posts, you should probably man up. Instead of posting this:

Valentine’s Day

So considering valentines day is coming. Post this as your status & see what number people inbox you, 🙂
1- second chance </3
2- your cute :]
3- kiss :*
4- better friendship :]
… … 5- chill , ♥
6- cuddle :xx
7- long term relationship ♥
8- an apology :/
9- a hug :3 ♥
10- I like you ! :-[
11- I’m crushing on you ♥
12- I dislike you
13- I love you :]
14- will you be my Valentine ? ♥



Which contains a bunch of lame options. Where’s “I’ll make out with you if nothing good is on TV” and “I’ll Facebook creep on you for the rest of my life.” What kind of relationships do these people have? I support posting something like this.


Considering the world may come to an end. Post this as you status and see who to hang out with before meeting your doom. Inbox me, and then post this as your status or killer baby clowns will eat you.

  1. I’d trip you if zombies were chasing us.
  2. I’d endanger you’re life for a Twinkie or a trip to the amusement park if zombies were chasing us. (Yes, this is a Zombieland reference.)
  3. I think vampires are sexy and would be no use if they started taking over the world.
  4. I know Doctor Who and could save you if some sort of alien attack occurs.
  5. I’m a huge nerd. Maybe you haven’t looked at me before, but once robots start taking over I’ll use my gigantic brain to save your life.
  6. I live in a bubble and will share said bubble with you in the case of a deadly plague.
  7. I own one of those really expensive underground bunkers.
  8. I suppose I’d sleep with you if we were the last two people on Earth and it was the only way to save the human race, but I’d probably keep my eyes closed.
  9. I’ll use the end of the world as a great excuse to try and get laid. Have I told you how hot you are?
  10.  I’m a huge redneck and will use my many illegally purchased weapons to protect you.
  11. I’m saintly. So I’ll put in a good word for your soul when the Apocalypse comes.
  12. I realize the Mayan calendar panic is ridiculous, but hey, want to go out on Valentine’s Day?

Best of luck!